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Cherry-Mae Whitehead-Howse


I grew up in Hertfordshire in the second of the garden cities, and so parts of me will always belong to the natural world. This - paired with a love of making and my everlasting fascination with folklore, overly detailed illustrations, and stories or images with an uncanny or morbid aspect - is what brings us to Curious Woodland: the culmination of it all. 

Late Bloomer


I have no formal art education beyond a slapdash but rewarding GCSE and A-Level experience. My creative mind was from the womb; being born to an illustrator mother who fed us books, strange films, V&A trips in the summer holidays, and - most importantly - an attitude for making do with what you had to work with. Any technique has been sown gradually in a succession of student houses, and - to me- feels as if it has gently started to break the earth. I am beginning to bloom!

In 2018 a happy obsession with the starring amphibian in an animated series first released four years prior gave way to my very first creature creation: a nearly meter long green frog made using a vintage pattern, plain white fabric, and some leftover paint.

In 2019, hidden away in a 3rd year student house on City Road, I first used watercolour paints on watercolour paper. This caused the immediate dismissal of the vendetta I had carried against the medium since secondary school. It turns out that despite what people say about a bad workman blaming his tools, using the right materials makes any endeavour more fruitful, and generally more enjoyable.

In September 2020 a well chosen birthday gift from my brother ensured that a somewhat eclectic shared flat became the birthplace of my love of lino carving. 

Studied BA Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University 2016-2019.

Studied MA Creative Writing and English Literature at The University of Sheffield 2019 - 2020

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